Vlad Rusu - iOS Developer

Vlad Rusu

Hi, I'm Vlad! I create bespoke iOS Apps. Sometimes I also work on the server-side.
I believe in good design. The first impression an app leaves on a user might just be the most important.
Clean code and automated tests are the best way to improve app maintainability.


Data Collection App

The app is a data gathering tool for retail field teams. It uses dynamic forms, GPS, camera, and other hardware to enable fast, high-quality, real-time data collection.


The app was facing numerous challenges.Performance issues were leading to poor user experience and negative app reviews.The architecture was resistant to change needed a revamp to support new features.There was a lack of analytics and monitoring which prevented efficient development.The UI was outdated and clunky to navigate through.


The agreed upon solution was a complete rewrite of the app, since the client was already in the process of rewriting their APIs.The app was to have a good architecture foundation, that would be modular enough to add all future planned or unplanned features.The new UI would provide a better user experience, by leveraging quick actions and improved navigation. The UI had to be localized in 5 languages.Automated tests to cover +70% of the code, by implementing both unit and UI tests.


The new app was released in 2018, and has received new features ever since. It has a 4.7 star rating out of 1000+ reviews. It is supporting ~5k monthly active users.The modular architecture enabled a split into an SDK + App, which in turn facilitated the development of 2 other apps on the same platform.Automated tests enable fast development cycles and save a lot of money otherwise spent on QA cycles.